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Please note: we adopt kitties in the state of California only. We do not ship kitties out of state. If you are not in California, you can contact Maine Coon Rescue.

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Adoption Process

Fill out an adoption application. You don't need to decide on a kitty yet; we can help you to find the right kitty for your situation.

After you submit an adoption application, a volunteer case manager will contact you to arrange a phone interview. The case manager will talk with you, your vet, your landlord (if you are in rented accommodation), and your personal reference. It usually takes a few days to be approved to adopt a kitty, depending on the availability of the contacts. We do our best to get applications processed as quickly as possible.

When your application has been approved, you can meet cats in their foster homes or at an adoption fair. Your case manager can suggest suitable cats for your situation if you need any help.

Once you've met your match (or matches!), fill out the online adoption agreement. Do this after you've been approved and have chosen the cat you want to adopt.

Pay the adoption fee (we'll take cash or a check, or use a credit card through GiveDirect), and take your new kitty home! We'll be available to answer any questions you may have as your kitty gets used to a new home and family.

What you need to know about adoptions

Please be aware that our vets do their best to estimate the ages of our kitties, but we cannot guarantee their accuracy; unless we have the cat's medical history when we take the cat in, we can only estimate its age based on its size, condition, and the state of his/her teeth.

To the best of our knowledge, all of our kitties are in good health when they are adopted; they have had rabies and FVRCP shots and have been tested for FIV and FeLV. We supply all the vet records that we have for the kitty, and will run over the cat's medical history during the adoption. We strongly recommend that you take your new kitty to your own vet for a "healthy kitty exam."

Most of the cats Maine Coon Adoptions rescues and fosters are Maine Coon mixes. We look for Maine Coon traits such as ear and foot tufts, lynx points on the ears, length of the coat and ruff, bushy tails, eye color, personality traits, etc., when we identify kitties in shelters, but it is impossible to tell from just looking at a cat if it is related to the Maine Coon. Because the Maine Coon is a natural breed and has not been bred to extremes, there are cats all over the world that resemble the Maine Coon. Thus, Maine Coon Adoptions cannot guarantee that our adoptable cats are, in fact, of Maine Coon parentage.

Adoption Fees

Our adoption fees help us recover some of the expense of vet exams, testing, vaccinations, and any vet treatments a cat may need.

In 2012 adoption fees covered only 13% of our expenses, and we rely heavily on donations to help us rescue more kitties.